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Top 10 Meal Delivery Services

Can't find the time to prepare your own meals? Too busy? Too tired? Our experts reviewed the best meal delivery services - all that's left for you is to choose

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What To Look For In a Meal Delivery Service

There are many companies to purchase delivery food plans from. Something to think about is how much food or meals are needed in a week.

Different companies offer individual and family plans. Some customize the number of meals per day and the frequency of delivery based on the needs of the customer. Also, you can look for a company that provides meals for personal allergies and diet restrictions.

See if the company provides services in specific regions or cities. Most of the companies do nationwide delivery, but not all.

Also, consider shipping fees that are on top of the cost of meals. This changes from company to company and can add up.

What Are Your Options?

The meal plan that will be best for you depends on what meals you want to have delivered and how many mouths you have to feed. Most meal kit providers understand that we all have unique tastes and will cater to you depending on your requests. 

Dream Duo Kits

The most common meal plan is for two people. Buying ingredients for just two can be tough, so these are designed to make your life a little bit easier. This plan typically consists of recipes and ingredients for dinner. The number of options depends on what plan you select. The more recipes that come in your kit, the more expensive your plan will be. 

Food for the Whole Family

Best meal kit services offer family plans which usually cater to four people. The recipes included in these boxes ensure that there are a variety of recipes, so the whole family will enjoy what meal you put on the table; even the pickiest eaters. Because there is more included with the kit, the plan is more expensive, but it is worth the investment. 

Veggie Friendly

Some meal recipe delivery services offer a plan for vegetarians. The recipes included are equally as nutritious and delicious, though they can lack in variation. 

Breakfast & Lunch

Many meal kits only offer a dinner plan, but some also offer breakfast and lunch. If you like options in the morning and get bored easily by salad or sandwiches at noon, this could be a great delivery box for you.

Consider All of the Factors

Meal kit suppliers all have their own qualities. Finding the best one can be really tough! In this article, we will discuss a few factors for you to think about when searching for the best one for you and your family.


You don’t want a delivery service that empties your wallet. At that rate, it may be better to just deal with the trips to the farmers market.  Usually, meal kits tend to be cheaper than your weekly grocery costs would have been, and that is what makes them so great. 

You will have the choice of many plans, which will vary depending on the number of recipes that are available to you. We have a price comparison tool on our website, so you can check out which would be most suitable for your budget.  

Our comparisons take shipping costs into account. Depending on which provider you chose, you may be responsible for paying an additional shipping fee. Many who offer free delivery will increase the price per meal to compensate for the lack of shipping costs. It is critical to take this into consideration when analyzing prices and considering the best value. 

What’s in the Box?

If you are going to subscribe to a delivery service, you will want to make sure that you are getting high-quality ingredients. All of the meal kits that we compare on our website ensure that customers will be receiving organically grown, nutrient-filled produce, as well as top-notch spices and other ingredients. 

We understand that not everyone has the same dietary requirements, so we try to find a comprehensive list of food box delivery services tailored to your needs.

If you are vegan, gluten-free, or have some sort of allergy, our providers will cater to your needs. These kits also make sure that your children will receive all of the nutrients that they need to grow properly.

What Is Provided

You can find different services to meet your needs. Some will offer weight loss plans; others will tailor to vegans and vegetarians. We like the plans that have no-prep meals, but one day we might get more adventurous and pick a service that will help us experiment safely in the kitchen.

The Bottom Line

Meal delivery services are a convenient way to plan your food each week. They save you time, money, and effort. In return, you get healthy, convenient, and delicious food.

Meal Delivery Services

The concept involves having meals that delivered to your door as many time as you wish. These services allow busy people to have meals delivered right to their door so they can heat them up and enjoy them fast. There are dozens of different services on the market today, so it can be hard to figure out which one is right for your specific situation. Learning more about the prepared meal system industry will help you to decide if this is a good option for you, and if so, which plan to choose.

They generally work on a subscription basis, although you can usually pause or cancel very easily. You decide how many meals you want each week, normally 1, 2, 3, or 4, and you can choose how many portions. Most services offer a choice of 2 or 4, but even if the numbers don’t add up, you can use the ingredients on another day or prepare food for the whole week. The food comes with recipe cards ready for you to cook each meal as and when you need to do so.

How Do Meal Delivery Services Work?

Most of the featured meal kit services offer a similar experience of meal recipe delivery, but they all have unique qualities, which is why we recommend that you read their reviews.

If you select a plan that matches your culinary tastes, the preferred amount of recipes, and the number of mouths to feed, you will enjoy your experience no matter what. Once you pick the best plan for you, you will have the option to select specific meals from the menu. 

Some of the above providers will deliver meals to your door that are already made and just needs to be reheated. Others deliver the ingredients and you cook the meal following the recipe or modifying it to your liking. 

You can pick the best time for you, and the box will be delivered consistently at the hour that works for you. No worries about being late as the boxes are insulated to ensure freshness and quality. 

What are Prepared Meal Plan Delivery Services?

A prepared meal plan delivery service cooks meals, packages them up, and has them delivered right to your door. You then keep them in your refrigerator or freezer (depending on the plan you choose) to cook when you need them. In most cases, these are high-quality meals that taste great, and in many cases, are good for you.

There are different services for different people based on their needs. If you don’t like cooking at all, you can choose a no cook meal plan that is ready to eat, comes with microwavable meals, or at least is oven ready. If you don’t mind cooking, but you don’t want to do the shopping or planning, there are meal systems that will just send fresh ingredients for meals, along with instructions. From no prep meals to fully prepared, no cook meal plans, there really is something for everyone.

Why do People Love Meal Delivery Services?

It is easy to see that people love premade meal systems. Each customer seems to have a different set of reasons why they signed up, and why they keep ordering week after week. The following are among the most popular reasons why people love precooked meal plans:

1. Saving Time – The number one reason people love these meal systems is because they are fast and convenient. You don’t have to go to the store to pick up all the ingredients, and in many cases, you don’t even have to prepare them. This can save you hours each week.
2. Reduced Waste – You won’t buy food from the store ahead of time, then fail to prepare it, so it goes in the trash. For many people, the reduction in food waste makes it so these meal systems actually save them money!
3. Tons of Options – There are a lot of different prepared meal systems on the market today, and each of those systems has lots of options. This means you can get exactly what you want, at a price you can afford.
4. Healthier Than Takeout – Most prepared meal systems today offer surprisingly healthy food options. Some even specialize in healthy fare. On average, the food from these types of programs will be significantly healthier than going out for fast food.
5. Customizable – You can choose the type of food you receive based on diet, food preference, or a variety of other factors.
6. No Mess Cooking – While some prepared meal systems will require you to cook in your own pots and pans, many are just warmed up and enjoyed. This means far less mess to clean up!

Oven Ready Meals vs Takeout

People living extremely busy lives today often don’t have time to cook their own meals every day. This is why things like fast food (and other takeout) are so popular. The oven ready meals from premade or pre-assembled meal plans are an alternative that is getting very popular.

Many people like to compare premade meal plans and takeout food (and especially fast food) to see which is a better option. In the vast majority of cases, the ready to eat meals that are delivered to your door are going to outperform takeout in just about every way. For example:

No Need to Go Out – When getting takeout you need to either leave the house to pick it up, or have it delivered (for an extra charge). With the premade meal services, all your meals will be delivered to your door each week.

Healthier – Meal plans are typically designed to be pretty healthy compared to fast food. It is true that you can choose a salad or other healthy option at most fast food locations, that is not what they are best known for.

Less Waste – While each meal plan is going to be packaged differently, they will generally have less waste than takeout. This is because multiple meals are delivered in one box each week. With fast food, you’re getting separate bags, napkins, straws, and wrappers each time you go out.

Are Premade Meal Plans Healthy?

This will depend almost entirely on which meal service you choose, and which meals you sign up for. Some of the options will provide you with fairly traditional meal plans that don’t focus on any specific type of diet goals. In this case, the food may not be considered ‘healthy’ by most standards. That being said, however, these meals are packaged and delivered with reasonable portions, which makes even the less healthy meals much better for you than consuming massive portions that you get from fast food or other options.

For those who are thinking about their health (which should be all of us!) there are prepared meal plans that will meet virtually any type of diet or health goals you can imagine. Some of the services specifically specialize in providing you with healthy meal choices. Many of them offer weight loss meal plans, vegetarian meal plans, vegan meal plans, keto meal plans, Atkins meal plans, and many others. Whether these are oven ready, microwavable meals, no cook meals, or any other type, you can find a delicious meal plan service that meets your precise nutritional needs.

How to Choose the Right Meal Plan for You

Choosing the right premade meal plan is important for many reasons. While these plans don’t typically come with any long-term contract, you still want to think through your options to ensure you get one that you will be happy with. For most people, the best option is going to be to take some time to think about what types of foods you enjoy, what diet requirements you have, and whether you want no-prep meals or something you have to cook. Once you know this information, you can read reviews of the various meal plan services that operate in your area so you can make an informed decision. Of course, if you ever find that you’re unhappy with a prepared meal service, you can always cancel and choose a new one!


All of the services listed on our meal kit comparison offer friendly and fast delivery based on weekly or monthly subscriptions. You can decide whether you want to have the ingredients delivered or your meals prepped. With a variety of recipes and plans available, there is a meal kit delivery service for everyone.