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Frozen meals are a thing of the past. People still want convenience in their life, but now with fresh home delivery meal services.
It was thought that pre-made meals were unhealthy and bland options for dinner. But, now there are many prepared meals with healthy alternatives like entirely vegetarian, ketogenic, and gluten-free meals. 
A bonus is that the meals get delivered to your doorstep and grocery shopping isn’t necessary anymore.

What is a Meal Delivery Service?

Prepared meals arrive at your doorstep with ready to cook ingredients. That means there is no shopping, chopping, or portion sizing necessary. Just heat and eat! Look like a professional chef in front of family members and friends. 

Depending on which meal delivery company that is chosen, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries are available options. Some services provide meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and sometimes snacks or sides. Also, a person can decide how many meals they want each week.

Is a Meal Delivery Service Right for You?

Do you enjoy delicious healthy food, but are limited with the time to cook or grocery shop? 

If you answered yes to that question, a meal delivery service might be a perfect choice. Prepared meal deliveries arrive ready to cook with everything that is needed.

The only thing you need is a stove or oven to cook and enjoy. The best meal delivery service can help to achieve weight loss and can be customized for personal dietary needs. 

Some meal delivery services can seem pricey, but we recommend reviewing the budget that you use for food each week. Do some research on what company and plan is appropriate.

What to Look for in a Meal Delivery Service

There are many companies to purchase delivery food plans from. Something to think about is how much food or meals are needed in a week.

Different companies offer individual and family plans. Some customize the number of meals per day and the frequency of delivery based on the needs of the customer. Also, you can look for a company that provides meals for personal allergies and diet restrictions.

See if the company provides services in specific regions or cities. Most of the companies do nationwide delivery, but not all.

Also, consider shipping fees that are on top of the cost of meals. This changes from company to company and can add up.

What Types of Meal Services Are Available?

Depending on what dietary needs or reason one wants a delivery meal service, there are many types of meal options out there. 


One of the main reasons people choose to sign up for delivery meal services is because there is no time in the day for grocery shopping or cooking because of kid’s soccer games, work, daycare, and other things in our lives that get in the way. 

Many services have a family meal plan, as well as recipes kids love. The family plans usually work out at a lower cost per serving and are still healthy and delicious.

Weight loss

Another reason people get meal plans is to lose weight because portions are already measured out, and meals are usually healthy and fresh. 

After a little bit of time, people start to learn new healthy recipes, proper portion sizes, and cooking techniques that can be incorporated into everyday life. 


Many people also like delivery meal services because they offer organic products at a reasonable price, and we don’t have to spend all afternoon at the local farmer’s market. 

Many companies are trying to invest and advertise with their sustainable and organic food as a significant selling point.


As vegetarianism and veganism are on the rise these days, many companies offer a variety of veggie options or are fully veggie. 

A bonus is that the companies offer these meals at the same price as regular meals. Most companies label which meals are vegetarian or vegan, so it is easy to view the options. 


Another allergy or diet lifestyle choice that is more common today is gluten-free, especially for those with celiac disease.

A lot of companies also separately package their products in individual bags to prevent gluten cross-contamination. The gluten-free options are clearly labeled, so it is simple to choose these meals. 


Similar to gluten-free, nut-free is a common diet issue as tree nut and peanut allergies are more common now and can be life-threatening. 

For individuals or families that have a nut allergy, it is critical for no cross-contamination or exposure while cooking. Again, it is clearly labelled which meals are nut-free while ordering, and there are many options to choose from.