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About Us

Meal delivery kits are an incredibly useful service for those looking to take the stress out of cooking for themselves or for their families, or indeed other larger meal orientated gatherings. As an industry meal delivery kits are booming, with dozens of quality providers offering a wide variety of styles and tastes to suit your own personal palette.

How Will Your Reviews Help Me?

Given the fact that there are dozens of meal delivery kit services in operation today, it would be extremely inconvenient for most people to go out and try each one to see how well it works. It would also cost a lot of money.

With that in mind, we’ve gathered together all the information we could possibly find on these providers, and put together a list of the best ones out there. This information comes from real user reviews, official complaints, our own personal experiences, and much more.

With this information, we have selected the best around that we believe are worthy of consideration, and compiled the information about them in a convenient and easy to read format. This will allow our visitors to learn about what each service has to offer, and make an educated decision about which provider they want to use.

What Makes Our List the Best?

While it is true that our site is funded by the monetary compensation we are paid by the meal delivery kit companies when people sign up using our links, we do not let that influence our reviews in any way. In fact, the people who create the actual reviews are not told anything about how much a given provider pays for each sign up (or even if they pay at all). 

These reviews are written based on our honest opinion and analysis of the facts discovered during our research. We honestly believe that the meal delivery kits we review are among the best in the industry, and that the information we offer to you, free of charge, will help you to find the perfect meal delivery kit service for your needs