The South Beach Diet is high in lean proteins, low in carbs, and includes unsaturated fats to help us achieve a healthy lifestyle full of energy. The success of the diet in losing weight and belly fat has contributed to it becoming a worldwide bestseller, with an improved version released in 2009.


Dr. Agatston designed the South Beach Diet after observing others, such as The Atkins diet having rapid effects on weight loss. However, noticing that The Atkins diet allowed for high saturated fats, Dr. Agatston realized the potential impact the menu could have on our heart health. 

Furthermore, Atkins and Keto diets do not allow the consumption of good fiber foods sourced from fruits, grains, legumes, and low-glycemic-index vegetables known to contain good complex carbs. While on the South Beach Diet, we learn what foods to eat, such as foods with low added sugar and no artificial flavors or sweeteners, further achieving a healthy lifestyle. 

The South Beach Diet includes prepared meals sourced from fresh ingredients and takes us through three phases. The first phase, known as Body Reboot Week, instructs us to consume high protein foods, ensuring that we eat three meals a day and a minimum of two snacks. At this stage, we can eat non-starchy vegetables and healthy fats. We were surprised to learn what types of vegetables are high in bad carbohydrates, such as corn and carrots. 

Dependent on the amount of body fat we desire to lose dictates how long we are in the first phase, lasting anywhere from one to 14 days. 

Phase two, also called Steady Weight Loss, introduces the above mentioned good carbs, as well as maintains the phase one allowed foods. We remain in this phase until we have reached our desired weight or desired physique. 

When we reach phase three, we can introduce other food options we have been avoiding. However, we are recommended to consume these only in moderation. If we do find our belly fat is increasing, it is suggested we return to phase one for a short period. 

The South Beach Diet provides us with prepared meals following the above guidelines. As all meals are prepared on our behalf, we do not need to worry about the rules. However, we are provided with recipes when cooking at home, helping us to transition the final phase into our daily lives effectively.

South Beach Diet Menus

The South Beach Diet has a variety of meal options, which include more than 60 keto-friendly meals. We can select meals that are either frozen or shelf safe and have a variety of vegetarian options available. 

When selecting our meals online, we can read an abundance of information to ensure we are well informed before choosing our options. Reviews from others, if the option is vegetarian or diabetes-friendly (or both), ingredients, nutrition information, and prep method, are only some of the information available to us. 

Breakfast Options

The South Beach Diet breakfast options vary from warm egg muffins to blueberry muffins, shake mixes to cereals, and almond bars to omelets.
Several options include the Just Add Eggs - Ham & Cheese Scramble, the Vegetable Frittata, and the Beach Shack Cappuccino Shake Mix. Of course not all at once, though!


Lunch Options

If we require a soothing lunch in the comfort of our own home or need to eat on the run, the South Beach Diet is adaptable to our lifestyle.
The prepared lunch options include Peanut Butter Chocolate Entrée Bar, Mushroom Parmesan Soup with Chicken, Moroccan-Inspired Chickpea Stew with Pork, and a Cinnamon Bun Entrée Bar.

Dinner Options

We all have those jam-packed days with no time to prepare food or end the day with no energy to cook. The latter won’t be the case when consuming the right food to fuel our energy.
They have an array of delicious dinner options include Artichoke & Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast, Roasted Turkey with Herb Gravy, and Dill Poached Salmon.

Available Snacks

The snack options ensure we are eating every two to three hours, a total of six times a day, ensuring we stay fat-burning by fuelling our body with high protein snacks.
Snack options include Sea Salt-Kissed Nuts, Smoky BBQ Multigrain Chips, and Parmesan Cheese Crisps.

Plans & Pricing

Before making our selection, it is recommended to complete the online survey as each plan has been designed for individual profiles and requirements. 

Regardless of the plan we choose, we will receive printed guidelines outlining precisely what we should eat, at what times, and in which phase. We will have access to the South Beach Diet app, making it easy to meal plan. Some plans come along with flexible days (DIY meals) where we can cook our meal at home, following provided recipes, or choose to dine out with the assistance of the app. 

The flexible ordering model allows us to specify our gender, and if we prefer to select our meals or the Chef’s Picks. We have then created our individual meal plan.

They have five plans we can choose from providing us with six meals per day (including snacks), designed to help us develop healthy eating habits and increased energy. Generally, males need to consume more calories than females in a day, and as such, each plan is available for both genders.

Body Reboot Kit

The 1-Week Body Reboot Kit is for those of us who want to lose less than 10 pounds or take hold of our weight loss plan. 

The kit includes meals and snacks for five entire days, allowing us to decide when to have our DIY meals during the week.

While there is no contract with the kit, the shipping is in addition to the one-time price of $99.99.

Silver Plan

The Silver Plan is the first of the 4-week plan options. It includes the Body Reboot Kit, including the DIY meals for the entire 4-weeks, and then continues with three weeks in phase 2. We have the flexibility to choose our meals or opt-in for the Chef’s Picks. The plan at $289.99 for women and $329.99 for men.

Gold Plan

The Gold Plan includes both the Body Reboot Kit and the Silver Plan with added options, including a variety of junk-free snacks. This plan is at the cost of $329.99 for women and $359.99 for men. 

Platinum Plan

The final option for the plans is the Platinum Plan, which includes all the above plan benefits with the addition of 20 shakes. The shakes are protein enriched with no added sugar. This plan will cost $359.99 for women and $389.99 for men.

Diabetes Gold Plan

The Gold Plan is available in a Diabetes-Friendly option. While it includes the same benefits as the Gold Plan, the meals are specially designed to help those with diabetes control their blood sugar and lower their A1C. Each meal still focuses on weight loss with high protein and low carb menu items. 

Online, each meal has the Diabetes-Friendly label allowing us to build our meal plan rather than the Chef’s Picks. The Diabetes Gold Plan is at the cost of $329.99 for women and $359.99 for men.


When opting in for the Auto-Delivery option, we receive all our meals at the beginning of each month on a recurring cycle. With this option, we will get free delivery and a 35% discount on the cost of the plan.

For one time delivery, the plan does not include shipping, and the prices are listed above.

Bottom Line

The South Beach Diet provides us with convenience when looking for a healthy, pre-prepared diet. The foundation of this diet focuses on ensuring we consume a variety of healthy produce, not merely high protein, and high in fats. During the construction of the South Beach Diet, Dr. Agatston ensured he consumed the recommended foods. He saw great results which we too can look forward to - or cancel at any time.

Pros & Cons

Like all diets, there are always pros and cons to consider, including the lists below.