Nutrisystem is a home-delivered meal plan which supports healthy weight loss. Chefs have designed specific 4-week meal plans where we can choose the best option for our body type. The meals are designed to put our body into a fat-burning mode with their high protein, high fiber, and low GI good carbs - meaning we are satisfied for longer. 

We are provided with perfectly portioned meals to eat six times a day - three meals and three snacks. In week two of the plans, we introduce our healthy groceries for what has been dubbed the Flex Meals. We can start to learn how to cook nutritious and healthy meals to continue our weight loss progress.

Dependant on our diet preferences, we can choose vegetarian options or specially designed meals for people with diabetes. Nutrisystem is a convenient option for those of us who are trying to lose weight but do not have the time to create our own healthy, balanced meal plans.

Nutrisystem Menus

Each meal is pre-packaged for our convenience, with the selection of frozen meals and snacks. We have the option to select from over 160 different menu items. Each meal is available online, where we can view the nutritional facts. If we are choosing the convenient option to build our plan, this is a great feature to ensure we select the right meals for our diet. 

The menu has a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and daily snacks. A typical day using Nutrisystem can include the below options.


Our breakfast can be enjoyed at home or en route to work with the options available, depending on our daily routine. We can choose from quick bites such as muffins, bars, and cereals through to hot meals, including omelets, egg muffins, and oatmeal. 


We have a selection of lunches ranging from parmesan stuffed tortellini, multiple melt options including a Thai Style Chicken Melt or Spinach and Cheese Pretzel Melt, to a fresh tuna salad. 



We can end our day with a well balanced, well deserved, and deliciously prepared meal. Our options include Shrimp and Chicken Stir-Fry, Meatballs in Marinara Sauce, and Chili with Beans.


Prepared Nutrisystem meal plans are designed so we can eat three times a day. Snacking is not a bad habit; we need to ensure we consume the right snacks - which is what Nutrisystem has done for us.


We can choose from snacks, including popcorn, Sweet And Salty Snack Mix, and an Ice Cream Sandwich.

Plans & Pricing

Before we choose our plan, we have the option to complete a short survey to ensure the right menu is available for us. Additionally, plans have been designed for vegetarians, those who have diabetes, and are gender-specific - a total of eight options are available.

With each plan, we can choose a further option: Chef’s Choice or My Choice. These options specify the weekly meal plans delivered. With the latter option, we can build our personalized weekly plan from the available menu. 

To further customize each plan, we can add probiotic shakes for a further boost. We can choose between a 4-week meal plan or a one-time delivery, although the latter is a more expensive option.


Nutrisystem Basic is suitable for a balance between pre-prepared meals and the flexibility to cook at home. The basic plan includes five days of Nutrisystem meals per week, and we have the flexibility to organize the remaining two. 

What we like about this plan is the versatility to choose to cook lunch one day and dinner another. We do not have to use our flex meals all in one day — a great option where we can learn to cook healthy meals to continue our weight loss.

The Nutrisystem Basic starts from $226.92 (on auto-delivery) for the entire 4-week plan.

Uniquely Yours

The Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours plan includes everything from the Basic; however, it offers unlimited frozen meals and snack options. 

Furthermore, we have the option and flexibility to create our weekly meal plan with a selection of over 160 menu items. 

The Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours plan starts from $276.92 (on auto-delivery) for the entire 4-weeks.

Uniquely Yours Ultimate

Including the options from Basic and Uniquely Yours, Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours Ultimate includes seven days of prepared meals and snacks. This plan is the best option for those of us who are looking for convenience from our meal plans.

The Nutrisystem Uniquely Yours starts from $307.69 (on auto-delivery) for the entire 4-week plan.


The Nutrisystem Vegetarian plan matches the Uniquely Yours plan; however, it includes only Vegetarian options. The options ensure we intake the right nutrients and proteins to support a healthy weight loss.

The Nutrisystem Vegetarian starts from $276.92 (on auto-delivery) for the entire 4-week plan.

Diabetes (basic, Core and Ultimately Yours)

The Nutrisystem Diabetes plans are available for those who have Type 2 Diabetes. The meals have been designed to lower our glycated hemoglobin (A1C), with proven results of an average reduction of 1.02%. 

Research has proven that by losing only 9% of our body weight, we can improve both our blood sugar and reduce insulin — a perfect plan for those who have prediabetes. 

The Nutrisystem Diabetes plans are available in the Basic, Core ($246.15), and Ultimately Yours plans. The same pricing applies to the Basic and Ultimately Yours options.


The men’s plans are the same as above; however, Nutrisystem has designed a meal plan specifically suited to a male’s diet. With each option, when ordering, we select our gender preference, and meal plans will be updated.


All plans have free shipping included, by FedEx, where our 4-week meal plan is delivered straight to our doorstep. For added convenience, we can select the auto-delivery option. This option will ensure we continually receive our meal plan each month, and we can enjoy a 50% discount on this option.

Bottom Line

The Nutrisystem Diet provides us with the convenience of eating the food we love while maintaining a healthy weight loss. Multiple options allow us to customize our weekly plan with the flexibility to add our favorite fresh groceries to our salad, pasta, or morning omelet. 

Studies have shown positive results others have received from the Nutrisystem Diet, and with a moneyback guarantee, we too can try the diet today.

Pros & Cons

Every product has it’s pros and cons, especially a diet plan where we have expectations on personalized plans. We have highlighted the best aspects as well as a few where they need improvement. Also, US News highlights the effectiveness of the Nutrisystem Diet in its overview.