The HelloFresh company says it all in their brand name. They are one of the leading fresh meal kit delivery services that encourage and support a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. 

A popular choice for the busy American, HelloFresh delivers all you need for straightforward and yummy meals straight to your door. 

HelloFresh prides itself in its field to table ethos. Working tirelessly to ensure that the suppliers of all of their ingredients process eco-friendly, sustainable and high-quality produce. So you can enjoy your meal guilt-free, and do your part in helping the environment. 

They support family-owned, small businesses, and organic purveyors all over the country that are working towards a more humane and chemical-free farming. Even their seafood is sustainably sourced with ocean-friendly fishing methods. Meet some of the farmers through the Tour the Farm link available on the HelloFresh website to learn more. 


The team at HelloFresh are dedicated to bringing you a fast and reliable food delivery service, whether you are cooking for yourself or  your family. There are no fixed subscriptions. You can easily skip a week or cancel if you are planning to go on holiday or have decided HelloFresh is not for you, which we highly doubt unless the recipes have boosted your culinary skill level to the point where you are a master in the kitchen; now that could be a possibility over time. 

For your convenience, HelloFresh has built a simple and easy to navigate app that you can access anytime, anywhere. To get started, simply download your HelloFresh app and log in using Facebook. They offer meal plans for all palettes and a variety of dietary requirements. Simply let them know in the sign-up form what you require, and they will try their hardest to suggest perfect meals to cater to what you need. 

You can customize your plan for either 2 or 4 people, receiving 2, 3, or 4 meals a week. Making HelloFresh perfect for couples or families that want to gain their evenings back and spend less time trawling the grocery stores pondering what to eat this week. 

There are currently 4 default meal plans; Veggie, Signature, Calorie Smart, and Family. The family plan is great for fussy mouths as you can choose meals that they would enjoy or substitute ingredients you know will be a thumbs down. All of the ingredients are seasonal so that you will never get bored. You may also be able to introduce new and exciting veggies into your little one’s diet. 

HelloFresh Menus

HelloFresh also offers a variety of other packages and meal types you can add on to your plan; such as Hall of Fame meals. These are the most popular dishes that customers can’t wait to get their hands-on time and time again.

Premium meal choices are perfect for special occasions. Spoil your loved ones on their birthday or cook up a storm to be proud of on your anniversary. Pair this with our Premium wine selection, and you are sure to enjoy a Michelin star style, intimate meal right at home, cooked by you. The breakfast choices are an excellent way to start the day off right too. 

Their trained team of chefs and dietitians have hand-crafted delicious recipes. Focusing on health and a balanced diet to ensure you and your family get the fuel you need while enjoying every bite. With 19 meals a week to choose from, you are guaranteed to find meals that make you excited about cooking. 

The recipes can be cooked in around 30 minutes or less, with only 6-steps to follow and no fancy equipment needed. All you need to know about the recipe and nutrition of your meal is clearly displayed on a card you can keep at home. Alternatively, you can download the recipe on your app for quick access. 

Let's take a cheeky preview of some of the meals the current customers will be cooking up in their kitchens and what they’ll look like on the table. 

Hot Honey Chicken with BBQ-Roasted Potatoes and Buttery Broccoli 

Cook time: 35 mins - Family Friendly

Sweet Potato Quesadillas With Crema and Radish Tomato Salsa

Cook time: 35 mins - Veggie - Hall of Fame meal 

Sizzling Hoisin Shrimp with Ginger Scallion Rice and Crispy Green Beans 

Cook time: 30 mins - Calorie Smart - 590 Calories 

Pecan-Crusted Trout with an Apple-Studded Salad and Thyme-Roasted potatoes 

Cook time: 35 min - Gourmet Signature choice 

Plans & Pricing

The 4 main plans begin with a set price. Remember, however, that each plan is customizable and you can add extra meals depending on how many meals you want HelloFresh to take responsibility for that week.

For example, the family plan starts at as little as $8.99 per serving and increases to $10.99 per serving, dependent on the number of people and meals a week. The Signature dish plan starts at a minuscule $7.49 if you can commit to 4 meals per week for 4 people. Increasing to $10.99 for a couples 2 meals a week choice.

We suggest you play around with the settings to see what fits your budget and meal ideas best because sometimes it is cheaper to buy in large quantities. 

After a 10-week price comparison study, HelloFresh discovered that eating with them is 75% cheaper than shopping at the grocery store. Wondering how that could be possible?

They deal with suppliers directly, taking away price markups on ingredients. They deliver to your home, lowering your fuel costs. HelloFresh source seasonal so that you aren't buying expensive imported products. Lastly, they pre-measure all of your ingredients so that you have zero food-waste to dispose of. Very organized, right? 


The shipping cost is set at a standard of $6.99. Customizable kits and deliveries including add-ons may incur a different charge to ensure ultimate freshness of all of your perishable products. For example, if your delivery includes lots of proteins HelloFresh  must include extra cool packs to keep things chilly and your meats prime for cooking.

They deliver to over 95% of the USA, so chances are they'll deliver to your door too! Unfortunately, Hawaii and Alaska are a little out of reach for now, but they are working on that to ensure they can spread the HelloFreshness across the entire US. 

They are dedicated to doing their part in protecting the planet from plastic pollution. Therefore HelloFresh are proud to announce that all of their packagings are recyclable. It can be broken down into sections and placed in the corresponding recycle bins or reused for another purpose. 

Don't panic if you are not at home during your delivery window. The delivery team will ensure they place your HelloFresh box in a specified out-of-sight place. Plus, the specially designed delivery boxes will do the hard work of protecting your produce. 

Although your meal kit delivery does not need a signature. If you have ordered wines within your box, you will need an adult to sign for it when it arrives. This doesn't have to be the purchaser, just somebody that is 21 or over. A lot of customers prefer to get their HelloFresh boxes sent to their work address because of this. 

Bottom Line

HelloFresh Is by far one of the most eco-friendly, environmentally conscious food delivery kits on the market. They promote healthy and clean living while offering a variety of chef-approved meals for you to cook in your kitchen, that doesn't cost you a fortune either. HelloFresh have thought of the fine details of what a busy family and rooky chef need to get started in the kitchen. 

We look forward to seeing HelloFresh expand its menu further to incorporate more vegan meals and scrummy low- calorie dessert options. 

Pros & Cons

HelloFresh was founded in 2011 and has since made giant strides to becoming the largest food kit delivery service on the American market. It has numerous positives that see its customers return every week for more. There are only a few picky negatives that are mentioned which are under development. Not every brand is perfect, but HelloFresh is indeed working hard on becoming so.