Gobble is a great addition to the popular home meal delivery service industry. They set themselves apart by ensuring all of their meal are fast and easy to prepare, while also tasting great. Their main tagline is that dinner will be ready in 15 minutes, which in almost all cases will be very accurate. Gobble is still a relatively new entry to this market, so they are not yet available in all states, but most people will be able to order from them.

While you can select from different types of meals each week, they do not have a huge variety. You will basically have to select from their classic menu, healthy menu, or the limited vegetarian menu. This service is not looking to meet the needs of the specialty dieters, but that is fine. For the vast majority of people, Gobble will provide one of the most convenient meal preparation options possible.

What Sets Gobble Apart?

The main thing that sets Gobble apart is the fact that their meals arrive fully prepared. This means everything is cut into the right sizes, peeled, and ready to go. This is done in order to make it as easy as possible for you to go from opening your meal package to actually eating it. The only thing Gobble doesn’t do is cook the meal for you, which means you will be enjoying a freshly cooked meal in a fraction of the amount of time it would take to do yourself. Most people will find that this is a perfect balance of convenience and quality.

How to Use Gobble

When it comes to how to use this service, it follows a pretty standard set of steps. If you have ever used any other meal delivery service, this will all seem familiar. There are fewer options than with some of the other services though, which should help to streamline everything so you are not wasting any time. To get started, just go through these quick steps:

  • Create an Account – First thing is to create your account and fill out your information, which takes just minutes.
  • Browse the Plan Options – There are three main categories to look through (classic, ‘lean and clean,’ and vegetarian). Look through the one that interests you, and then select the plan that works for you.
  • Choose the Number of Meals – Here you will choose the number of meals you want delivered each week. You can always go back and adjust this based on your future needs.
  • Customize the Menu – You will have several options each week for your main meals. Pick which ones you like best, or you can let their system deliver the ones they believe will be your favorite.
  • Choose Addons – Gobble allows you to add custom grocery ingredients to your meals to make them uniquely yours. If you want to toss in an additional vegetable to your dish, for example, you will do it here. Of course, any addons will cost a little extra.
  • Wait for the Food – Once done, your food will arrive on the designated delivery date, usually the same week depending on when you order.
  • Cook and Enjoy – Once the food arrives, you just open the packaging and cook it according to the instructions. There is never any need to chop, measure, peel so you just place it into a pan and cook it up. For almost all dishes, you will be enjoying your food within just 15 minutes.

About the Food

The food from this service is quite good, though you are not going to find the premium options that some other companies offer. They do not appear to use organic ingredients (or at least not often). In addition, you will not find vegan options or even those that meet other popular diet plans. This is not necessarily a bad thing since the vast majority of people follow a standard way of eating, which is exactly what this company offers. If you are looking for food that is easy to prepare and tastes great, this company will more than meet your needs.

Sirloin Steak with Smashed Potatoes and Three Peppercorn Sauce

Thai Curry Chicken Lettuce Cups with Rainbow Slaw and Coconut Rice 

Caribbean Shrimp with Cilantro Lime Rice 

Spinach and Chayote Squash Enchiladas with Corn and Black Bean Rice 

Cauliflower and Broccoli Gratin with Italian Breadcrumbs 

Mobile App

Gobble does not offer a mobile app, at least not yet. While this is obviously a pretty disappointing point, it should not cause you to avoid their service. This is because their website is designed very well and is extremely mobile friendly. Just open their page in your mobile browser of choice and you will be able to quickly browse through all the different options you need. In many ways, it functions similar to an app. That said, it would be nice if they put the effort in to make a native app since they are such a popular option oday.


The prices at Gobble are quite good, and extremely easy to understand. Unlike some services, they have set prices for their full meals based on how many you order. Customers who use this service for multiple meals per week will typically be paying just $11.99 per meal, which is a pretty good deal given how convenient and delicious the food really is. For those who are just buying an occasional one off meal, the price will be $13.99. They also have the opportunity to add on grocery items to your order, and those things are priced individually in most cases. While you will be paying more than you would at the grocery store, the markup really is not unreasonable given the fact that it is delivered.

Customer Service

The customer support from this company is friendly and able to help you with any issues you may have. They are only open from 5AM-8PM Pacific time during the week, and 5AM to 1PM on weekends. That said, they do respond quickly during those hours. You can reach out to them using their convenient email form, which is the easiest way. They also accept both texts and phone calls for support.

Overall Opinion

While Gobble does not cater to those who are on very specialized diets, they are a great option for the majority of people who just want great tasting food that is easy to prepare. Customers of this service get a very easy to use interface that makes ordering the food they need fast and simple, which is exactly what most people want. It is also an affordable way to get the food you need, especially when you factor in the time you are saving compared to going to the store and prepping your meals all on your own. All things considered, most people will benefit greatly from the Gobble home meal delivery service.