The Freshology is it not a takeaway shop to order food from on your cheat night or an on-call chef that lives in your house. In fact, it is a food delivery service that dedicates itself to healthy and straightforward, but elevated recipes you can cook at home like a professional chef. 

Never again will you be bored of the same weekly rotation. Haunted by the dreaded question of “what should we have for dinner?”. Or spend hours in the grocery store, only to find you've forgotten crucial ingredients to that new recipe you want to try. 

Freshology prepares everything you need and delivers it straight to your door, tailored to you and your family’s needs and preferences. It's time to open up your culinary horizons while claiming back some precious time at home. 


Freshology have worked hard to compile a weekly selection of healthy meals for you to choose from that suits any dietary requirements or preferences. Simply fill out your email and location to get started. We will then support you in customizing your plan to make it perfect for you and your family. 

Choose how many people you will be cooking for and the number of meals that you would like Freshology to supply. They offer a variety of meal plans from Vegetarian, Low-carb, low-calorie dishes, and preferences in protein. Some of the meals have interchangeable and double protein options so that you can really mix up your meals, day by day. 

Furthermore, for your convenience, you can choose the delivery date so that you can collect it as soon as possible for ultimate freshness. This is a weekly service, but you are free to cancel or skip a week at any point. If you are a super-organized person, you can also plan your meals up to five weeks in advance. Perfect for the busy family. 

They aim to ensure your cooking experience with Freshology is as easy and straightforward as possible. Therefore, not only are all of the ingredients you will need included, but you also get a a recipe card that has step-by-step cooking instructions and nutritional advice so that you can create the perfect dish every time. Keep these recipe cards at home in your Freshology supplied binder, to compile a personal collection of recipes you can be proud of cooking yourself.

Freshology Menus

The extensive menu allows you to pick from 18 meals a week curated from chefs with tried and tested dishes for optimal yumminess! They offer 13 dietary requirement alternatives and substitutes. You will always be covered if you are intolerant or allergic to certain ingredients. Plus a premium meal is an option if you are planning to cook up a storm for a special occasion or fancy treatIng yourselves. 

If you have children, we suggest you count them as a half serving. We promise that a full servings will not leave your belly rumbling, so a half serving is ideal for your little ones. They also offer light 5 minute lunches, fruit baskets, protein selections, smoothies, and desserts for you to stock your fridge. Bringing the total of options up to 38 after customizing. 

Take a sneak peek at a selection of the dishes being served this week.

Each week you will receive your box full of goodies, individually labeled packages, and pre- measured. Meaning that there's no fumbling around in the kitchen searching for those long lost measuring scales and ensuring your portion sizes are perfect for your health. This also cuts down on food waste, as you won't be left with mystery pinches of herbs or a stray washed potato. Following the recipe and finding your ingredients is fail-safe. 

Freshology are also holiday-ready, offering exclusive seasonal dishes to make your holiday meals something to be proud of. Take the stress away from holiday shopping and feel reassured that Freshology has your back during the festivities. 

Plans & Pricing

They have tailored the Freshology boxes to include meal ingredients for anyone, single, couple, or a large family. There are plans for 2 - 6 people referred to as servings and up to 6 meal choices per week. 

The standard meals are set at $9.95 per serving and the 5 Minute Lunches are $7.99 per serving. All of the add-ons are priced at only $4.95, perfect little treats to get you through even the toughest days. The protein packages are fully customizable, determining the final price based on your picks. 


Freshology is currently available to 98% of the US. Use your ZIP code to check that the delivery drivers can access your address. Shipping costs $10 if your order is below $45, so use those tasty add-ons or a cheeky 5 Minute Lunch to push you over the minimum shipping amount to bag yourself a free delivery. 

They only use fresh produce that is boxed in an insulated and water-soluble container. Your ingredients will be surrounded by cold gel packs to ensure they stay fresh even if the delivery drivers misses you, and they have to be left at your door. 

They not only ensure that your meals arrive in the highest-quality and food-safe conditions but also only use packaging that is either recyclable or reusable. 

Bottom Line

Freshology is the perfect choice for the busy foody or the family that are stuck in a rut about what to eat. Conscious about the environment or struggling to find meals that your dietary requirements dont ruin. Freshology is an out of the box idea inside a recyclable box. 

Bringing you freshness, a love for cooking and a meal you can be proud that you prepared every day straight to your door. Why not make your life easier and take advantage of the $20 first order discount promotion. Or if you know somebody that you think would love to receive a Freshology box, you can also purchase them as a gift. 

Fingers crossed that more vegan and breakfast meal options become available and Freshology manages to expand that last 2% to fully get a hold of the US market.