Freshly is a company that specializes in providing fresh and healthy meals to subscribing customers through their delivery and pickup options. All meals are prepared using only all-natural ingredients and food free of gluten as well as unhealthy substances such as preservatives and refined sugars

You can rest assured that your meal is healthy and fresh. Freshly avoids using processed sugars as well unhealthy oils for cooking. For a monthly or weekly subscription fee, customers have access to a variety of different meal options that are healthy and great for staying in shape.


Freshly offers its customers a wide range of different food options. However, you can be assured that no matter your meal choice, all dishes are all healthy choices. There are vegetarian meals, as well as seafood and other meats. Freshly also has different cultural meals like Mexican and Indian dishes that are available for delivery. 

You can subscribe online and choose which meals you would like delivered to your home on a weekly basis. Freshly offers weekly deliveries as well as four meal plan sizes. Online, you can check what meals are offered each week. You can order meals in the following amounts: 4, 6, 9 or 12. These fresh meals will be delivered straight to your front door every week.

Freshly Menus

There are many different kinds of meals you can choose from. You will most likely never get tired of what they have to offer. Each week Freshly offers customers a variety of different meal choices. Many of them are healthy alternatives to the typical meals you could buy at the store or in a restaurant. 

These choices range from pasta and seafood to chicken and beef meals. No matter the meal, all are healthy choices. You can change your meals at any time by calling customer service before the delivery order deadline.

Fresh offers this Italian classic called Chicken Cacciatore. This dish is a great alternative to unhealthy frozen dishes. Rather than refined sugar, Fresh uses a little honey to add some sweetness to the marinara sauce. This dish is also served with sliced peppers and cauliflower rice.


This buffalo chicken dish comes with diced cauliflower topped with some sliced cheddar. It provides a great amount of protein without the unhealthy fats or greasy oils. It is also gluten-free and is a terrific option if you’re looking to cut down on high-calorie comfort foods.


Another great Italian dish, this marinara pasta is made from cauliflower. It is both grain-free as well as gluten-free. For pasta lovers looking to shed some extra pounds, this dish is an awesome alternative. Mixed in is a protein-rich amount of beef, and healthy veggies to provide you with your daily dose of vitamins and minerals.


As a popular Indian dish, this chicken tikka masala is great for any occasion. Only all-natural ingredients are used, such as its vegetables and spices. It is complemented by a side of biryani rice mixed with steamed veggies and is a great healthy alternative. For those trying to eat healthy to lose weight, this dish will do the job. If you’re looking to switch it up and try something different, this dish is for you.


One of the most delicious seafood dishes that Freshly offers are its cod cakes with chipotle sauce. It comes with a healthy side of veggies and roasted herb potatoes. No preservatives are used, and it is gluten-free. 

Freshly has always strived to make sure all their food, especially their seafood, is prepared and served to customers as fresh as possible. For more seafood options, check the Freshly website online.

Another great seafood option is the mango salsa mahi. This dish, including its sides of rice and vegetables, is completely gluten-free. This is a very healthy and nutrient-filled dish for anyone looking to shed those extra pounds. 


This grilled chicken dinner is high in protein and extremely healthy. Rather than your usual rice, this dish has a side of broccoli rice. The grilled chicken topped with a red pepper sauce and served with sliced sauteed peppers as well. This meal will leave you feeling full without the unhealthy oils used in your typical dishes.

In the mood for some spaghetti and meatballs? This Italian dish is cooked with turkey meatballs and gluten-free spaghetti topped with an all-natural tomato sauce. This low-fat meal can also help you lose weight without cutting down on your favorite foods. 

This is also a great option instead of your frozen meals at the grocery store, which contain refined sugars as well as preservatives.

This is a healthy gluten-free option for vegetarians trying to lose some unwanted fat. The Freshly veggie pesto risotto dish is nut-free for those with allergies, as well low in sugar. If you’re looking for a light dish, this meal will do. It is low in calories and is a healthy alternative to other unhealthy foods.

This chicken parmesan dish is served with a healthy side of sauteed broccoli. It is an awesome healthy option offered by Freshly. It is free of unhealthy oils and is soy-free. The sauce is also void of refined sugar. Eating this for dinner will leave you satisfied without packing on too many calories. The broccoli is a great source of vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy and in great shape.

Plans and Prices

Freshly offers its customers high-quality prepared meals at an affordable price. You can choose from a variety of options regarding how many dishes you desire to have delivered per week. The prices differ each week, depending on how many meals you want delivered. 

At a price of $50, you can have 4 meals delivered to your home each week. For $60 per week, Freshly will deliver you 6 meals. If you want 9 meals delivered each week, it costs $90. Lastly, to have 12 meals delivered to your door each week, the price will be $108.


No matter which plan you choose, each delivery is completely free of charge. Most companies that offer prepared food deliveries charge a costly fee for shipping. Not only is Freshly one of the only companies that offer free shipping, but it also offers delivers all across the country. You can also choose which days you wish to have your prepared meals delivery. Freshly is very flexible with its delivery options and their customer service representatives will gladly make changes to any of your orders.

Bottom Line

Freshly is a great company for healthy and freshly prepared food. You will never have to worry about preparing healthy foods at home. They offer a variety of options and can be an affordable way to stay in shape and lose unwanted fat. Freshly foods are also safe for those with diabetes, weight problems as well as allergies in most cases. In addition, this company offers free delivery to subscribed customers anywhere in the United States.

You can also rest assured that no unhealthy chemicals or preservatives are added to any of their meals. Freshly provides only all natural and healthy meals. They are designed to provide customers with healthy alternatives to help them stay on track with their weight loss goals. They can also be great meals for anyone wishing to have healthy food delivered to them. 

No matter the case, this company is highly recommended to anyone looking for an affordable and quality food delivery service. Check out their website online for more information regarding their meals and delivery service options.

Pros and Cons

Although Freshly has to be one of the best companies of their kind, it might not suit everyone. Here are a few positive and negative aspects you may need to know before doing business with this company.