Diet-to-Go is a company with a national delivery service that provides delivery and local pickup of high-quality fresh food. The company offers its customers four different meal plans designed to help them stay healthy and avoid gaining unwanted fat

As of today, Diet-to-Go serves customers delivery service options on the east coast from Virginia to Connecticut. On the west coast, services are offered in California, Arizona, and limited locations within Nevada. The four different meals plans offered are as follows: Balanced Nutrition, Portion Controlled, Low-fat Vegetarian, and the Keto Low-carb Diet. 


The meals offered to customers are designed to help them reach their weight loss goals while still staying perfectly healthy. Online, you can take a special diet analysis to help determine which diet is the best for you.

Once you’ve signed up online and have chosen your desired diet, you can place an order for pickup or delivery. Diet-to-Go’s customer service representatives will further assist you in customizing your delivery orders. You can personalize your menu options as well as determine what time you wish to have it delivered to your home.

Diet-to-Go Menus

The Balanced Nutrition Diet allows customers to manage their health by providing foods the perfect balance of dietary supplements. This diet is also recommended for customers with diabetes or those looking to keep their heart healthy.

This healthy breakfast option offered through the Balanced Nutrition Diet is void of any unhealthy fats and oils. Starting your day off on the right foot is a great way to start your journey towards a healthy lifestyle.


Unlike most pizza lunches, this choice avoids the use of too much carbs and sodium. For a healthy heart, this diet will do no harm and is a tasty alternative for losing unwanted fat. Eating healthy doesn’t have to mean losing your favorite snacks like this great pizza.

Salmon is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. This is a great choice for diabetics and overweight people alike. Salmon contains what’s called healthy fats which are actually good for heart health. It is also a great source of protein as well as vitamins and minerals.

The Balanced-Diabetes Diet offers healthy meals proven to lower blood sugar naturally. No refined sugars are used in any of Diet-to-Go’s meals. For those with diabetes and other health conditions looking to have freshly prepared meals delivered to your door, these meals are the way to go. 


Your breakfast doesn’t have to be bland. This breakfast of waffles with some blueberry cream cheese is a great option for diabetics. No refined sugars are used, and it is completely gluten-free. This breakfast will give you the energy to start the day without negatively affecting your blood sugar levels. 


This Chicken Roma dish provides a balanced portion of protein and veggies. No unhealthy oils were used in preparing this dish, and it is completely all-natural. Having this for lunch will help you balance your blood sugar levels as well as maintain your health through some needed vitamins and minerals.

Eggplant Parmesan is also offered through our Balanced-Diabetic Diet. The delicious Italian dish comes carefully prepared with freshly steamed vegetables on the side. This dish is great for diabetics looking for a vegetarian option for dinner as the sauce is free of any unhealthy refined sugars.

The Low-fat Vegetarian Diet is one for those looking to remove meat from their diets but still obtain the necessary amount of protein, vitamins and minerals. If you’re looking to lose any unwanted fat, this diet can do just that. After a few weeks eating these delicious vegetarian meals, you’ll be sure to see some results.


This vegetarian breakfast consists of a whole-wheat bagel, low-fat cream cheese along with some fresh fruit. This is great breakfast option for vegetarians looking to start their day with a healthy low-fat meal that will help them lose weight. Freshly also offers many other vegetarian options online you can check out at their website.


This black bean and feta cheese wrap is a hearty and filling lunch option for vegetarians. Often times vegetarians have difficulty avoiding foods with carbohydrates. This dish is low-carb and contains plenty of healthy vegetables Freshly makes sure all meals are fresh and prepared with care. This dish often comes with a side of  gluten-free rice and fresh vegetables like tomatoes and diced bell peppers.

In the mood for some Italian? This dish of stuffed shells and steamed carrots is low-fat and healthy. This healthy meal shows you don’t have to give up your favorite foods just to lose some weight. For vegetarian cheese lovers, this meal is low-calorie and will assist you in losing fat and staying in shape.

The Diet-to-Go Keto Diet offers customers meal plans to avoid carbs completely. Foods like fruits, sugars, breads and any other types of carbohydrates are not included in this diet. Diet-to-Go provides only the freshest and leanest meats and cheeses to help you on your weight loss journey.

To get your day off to the right start, this spinach quiche will provide you with the energy you need to get things started. As part of the keto diet, this breakfast avoids any carbohydrates that can cause you to gain fat. It is also gluten-free and prepared with only healthy all-natural ingredients. 


The chicken pesto cheddar melt is a delicious option for those following the keto diet. This lunch option provides customers with a protein-rich meal for losing fat and gaining muscle. It is completely gluten-free, and is all-natural. No unhealthy oils are used in the cooking process and no preservatives are added. Check out some other keto options online at their website.


Diet-to-Go’s chicken fajita dinner comes with vegetables like brussels sprouts and steamed broccoli. This dinner option will help you lose weight and stay lean. The type of meal will also leave you feeling full and satisfied. It is packed with protein and contains no unhealthy preservatives or chemicals.

Plans and Pricing

After you’ve chosen your desired meal plan, you can begin to place your order online. Depending on your area of residence, Diet-to-Go offers the customers the option to have the meals delivered typically twice a week or the ability to pick up at a local partner health club. Delivery usually costs $10. 

Meal plans cost anywhere from about $130 to $180. This difference is determined by which plan you have chosen as well as your weight loss goals. For more information, check out their website online and choose your meal option.


Diet-to-Go’s delivery option is limited to the east coast as well as certain west coast states. Typically, the company charges its customers $10 per each delivery. Deliveries usually arrive twice a week. 

Bottom Line

Overall, these meal plans are designed to help you stay healthy and assist those trying to lose weight. Many customers who have subscribed to Diet-to-Go meal plans have seen results and were satisfied with the quality products and service provided. This company is sure to provide you with healthy and fresh food.

Pros and Cons

Although customers have enjoyed these products and have been satisfied with the results in the past, these meal plans may not be for everyone.