About Cook Unity

Cook Unity is a New York based food preparation and delivery service. They prepare fresh meals that are delivered each week. The meals are intended to be refrigerated until you are ready to enjoy them and will stay fresh for 5-7+ days thanks to their quality preparation and packaging. The company hires on private chefs (over 50 of them!) to cook a huge a variety of meals each week so everyone will be able to get something that they love. Cook Unity really is a premium meal delivery service that everyone can enjoy.

What Sets Cook Unity Apart?

There are quite a few really great things about this service, but the thing that really them apart is their chefs. Chef Unity works with private chefs that have decided to focus on making world class foods that are delivered to your door. Unlike most services that just have a few chefs directing the preparation of meals, Cook Unity actually has over 50 chefs creating meals each week. You can actually read about each individual chef, and if you find one you love more than the others, you can have them cooking your food going forward.

How to Use Cook Unity

Cook Unity is easy to use and has a lot of different options. Each week they have over 150 different meal options that you can choose from. They will recommend meals to you but swapping them out for others is fast and easy. The longer you are with them as a customer, the more accurate their recommendations will be because they have you rate meals as you get them. Based on your ratings, they will begin recommending things that they are confident that you will enjoy. Some of the key things to be aware of when using this service area as follows:

  • How Many Meals – One of the first things you will need to do is choose how many meals you want delivered each week. You can choose any number, and it can be easily edited week to week.
  • More than Dinner – Cook Unity offers appetizers, treats, breakfast foods, pantry items, and even drinks. While the main dinner service is by far the most popular, adding these other items on is a great way to further increase convenience.
  • Talk to the Nutrition Team – If you are looking to achieve specific nutritional goals, the nutrition team is there to help. They can answer questions about different diet options, answer questions about weight loss, and much more.
  • Ready to Go Food – As with just about every food delivery service, the meals from Cook Unity are prepared and ready to go. The only thing you have to do is heat them up. Most of the time this is best done in the oven, but when time is tight, it can even be done in the microwave.

Once you have gone through the startup process of identifying what type of food you like, how many meals you want, and other things (which is very fast and easy), this system can operate on auto-pilot. If you never log on again, you will continue to receive high-quality foods at your door each week. Of course, most people will want to login and rate their meals, make some adjustments, and take a more active role in determining what foods they want to enjoy.

One thing to note, however, is that this meal service is only available in a relatively limited number of locations at this time. As of this writing they only deliver to Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Washington State.

About the Food

Cook Unity is focused on providing fresh, delicious foods for all their customers. They use only non-GMO foods with no artificial colorings or flavorings. They cook meals in small batches as well, which helps to keep the quality up. All the products in their meals are humanely raised, typically in local farms to further ensure fresh meals.

Mobile App

Just about every customer who signs up with this service is going to want to use their mobile app. It is well-designed and makes it extremely easy to manage your preferences, adjust your delivery schedule, rate your food, and much more. They also send notifications through text or the app to alert you to when your food will arrive, when the menu is open each week, and more. While you certainly can complete everything on their website, being able to do it quickly from your smartphone is much more convenient.


The prices are quite reasonable for what you are getting, though this certainly isn’t the cheapest meal plan service available today. The price range starts at just under $10 per meal, and goes up from there. On average, most people will pay right around $12-$13 per meal. Given the fact that this is a meal prepared by a private chef, that is not a bad deal at all. They do run occasional promotions or sales to save money, but that is not done very often for existing customers. If you are a new customer, however, you can save 50% on the first order!

Customer Service

The customer service team is extremely helpful with this company. They clearly know that if people have questions or problems, they will want them answered fast. You can reach out to the customer service team using email (support@cookunity.com), text (347-835-5020), or even by emailing their dedicated account executive (laura@cookunity.com). The best option for getting help when you need it, however, is their live chat service. They have the live chat button on just about every page of the site so you can ask quick question immediately. On top of their live customer service options, they also have an extensive help section that will answer most questions.

Overall Opinion

There is no doubt that when it comes to quality, this service is one of the best on the market today. They have a huge selection of meals each week, and the extra options really help to set it apart. Getting fresh meals cooked by private chefs is like a dream for many people, but for Cook Unity customers, it is a reality. Anyone who lives in one of the areas that they serve should absolutely give this service a try. The fact that you can save 50% off your first order really makes this an obvious choice to at least give a try. We think you’ll enjoy it very much and want to keep ordering long into he future.